of consumers report conflicting information about what to eat and avoid


of consumers aren’t able to identify single food associated with health benefits


a year is spent on obesity-related medical care costs in the United States

Yumlish is on a mission to scale nutrition literacy and physical activity in a way that is accessible and engaging.

Good Food. Good Life.

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Registered Dietitian

Nutritional therapy from a qualified health professional that can personalize treatment
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Culturally relevant

Guidance to healthy food substitutions and modify social eating habits

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Motivation to make sustainable dietary changes leading to positive health outcomes

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Dietary Restrictions

Find foods for all dietary restrictions and preferences

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Lifestyle Accommodations

Get ingredients and meals delivered from our partners

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Community Support

Share wins and challenges with cohort members

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Meal prepping is a great start towards healthy eating.
"I feel like I can live a better life."
-Yumlish Member
"If I had continued the lifestyle I was keeping, I don't think I would have survived long."
-Yumlish Member
"I feel less nervous about being diabetic."
-Yumlish Member