Occupational Health

Empowering job performance through nutrition.
Enable mission readiness. 

Food is fuel. However, most employees lack the expertise necessary to make better nutrition choices.

Our products enable physical fitness, nutritional health, and optimal weight management for your recruits and employees while enabling your organization to focus on your core mission.


Mission readiness

Invest in your employees so that they can perform at their best, giving your workforce more energy, sharper focus and better performance.


Occupational health

Overcome physical fitness barriers to service and help your employees  improve their personal wellness.


Empowered to perform

Building nutrition literacy so your employees are empowered to make better food choices that lead to better performance at work. 




“It’s a national security imperative that we are fit to fight. It is vital to have healthy military members in our ranks, and that all starts with the future Airmen we recruit."
Maj. Gen. Ed Thoms
AFRS commander
"Our partnership with Yumlish will... produce a sustainable, adaptable solution that looks beyond the new fiscal year.”
Senior Master Sgt. Frank Wallace
Superintendent of Officer Accessions at AFRS

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