Occupational Health

Our solutions help your employees and applicants meet physical fitness standards to enable mission readiness.


Grocery Shopping
81% make a change

Participants mention that they made a positive eating and activity change because of Yumlish.

Easy Onboarding

Yumlish led campaigns lead to enrollment in under 2 minutes

Strong Engagement

Multi-modality media improves retention and enhances understanding of nutrition and physical activity

Successful Recruitment

Risk-based payment option available for certain success measures

Features and Benefits

Mission readiness

Invest in your employees and applicants so that they can perform at their best, giving your workforce more energy, sharper focus and better performance.

Occupational health

Overcome physical fitness barriers to service and help your employees and applicants improve their personal wellness.

Empowered to perform

Building nutrition literacy so your employees and applicants are empowered to make better food choices that lead to better performance at work. 

A variety of programs to yield better outcomes

Drive engagement through weekly events that include cooking demonstrations and grocery shopping tours

App-based solution with multi-media modalities, inclusive, and culturally competent programs for weight management

Web and text-based solution with multi-media modalities, inclusive, and culturally competent programs for chronic disease prevention and management

Evidence-based, dietitian approved content that is inclusive, culturally competent, and available for licensing

“It’s a national security imperative that we are fit to fight. It is vital to have healthy military members in our ranks, and that all starts with the future Airmen we recruit."
Maj Gen Thomas
AFRS Commander
"Our partnership with Yumlish will... produce a sustainable, adaptable solution that looks beyond the new fiscal year.”
SMSgt Wallace
AFRS Superintendent of Officer Accessions