Grocery Store

Win more market share by providing frictionless experiences to shoppers

For grocers who are in the next generation of health delivery, our solution connects the “last 6 feet” between the door and the dinner table. 

Extend your reach into the daily health of shoppers so that you can generate insights, increase engagement, and drive loyalty. 

Fad diets and misinformation surrounding food make it more difficult for the everyday shopper to make informed eating decisions. Build trust and loyalty with your shoppers by offering them evidence-based content to inspire confidence.


Extend your reach and loyalty

Unlike grocers who rely solely upon onsite services that are limited by physical location, Yumlish reaches consumers where they eat, work, and live to influence their health decisions.


Ahead of the pack

Navigating the grocery aisles and nutrition labels can be overwhelming for shoppers. Yumlish’s content of dietitian approved recipes can help your customers sift through the information overload and devise meal plans that are ideal for them.


Evidence-based content

Content ensures better and safer care for your shoppers that leads to proven and better health outcomes.



"(In Sep 2022), at the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health, I also reaffirmed our commitment to tackling the devasting threat of hunger and diet-related disease in the United States—a threat that hits vulnerable communities hardest and is being compounded by other challenges, like COVID-19 and the climate crisis."
President Joe Biden
President of the United States
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