Health Plans

We enable health plans to engage with their members and understand their nutrition and SDoH needs.

Culturally competent nutrition moves beyond language to include foods, myths and misconceptions, and environment to build trust.

Our solution provides an engaging digital front door that addresses their SDoH needs. 

Our evidence-based, dietitian-approved content builds healthy habits and educates individuals to get them on track to better health.


Strong engagement with members

Our solution builds nutrition literacy using accessible technology. We generate 10+ touchpoints per week with your members.


Cultural competence

Providing nutrition education in a way that is engaging and meets people where they are.


Evidence-based content

Content ensures better and safer care for your members that leads to proven health outcomes.



"(In Sep 2022), at the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health, I also reaffirmed our commitment to tackling the devasting threat of hunger and diet-related disease in the United States—a threat that hits vulnerable communities hardest and is being compounded by other challenges, like COVID-19 and the climate crisis."
President Joe Biden
President of the United States
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