Behavioral and Cultural Health


“​​Depression is one of those things that becomes this insurmountable beast at times where even the simplest tasks are very challenging. So, if you have diabetes and depression, you could see how that could then really severely impact your overall course and diabetes. And then that ends up being this vicious cycle where the more uncontrolled your diabetes is, the more could contribute to depression, then vice versa, the more you're depressed, the less likely you might adhere to diabetes treatments.”

Dr. Fernandez talks to us about behavioral health, integrated behavioral health care models, and how those are related to his other specialty, cultural psychiatry.

Pedro José Fernandez, M.D., is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at University of Texas (UT) Southwestern Medical Center. He serves as CO- Chief of Psychiatry at Parkland Health. Dr. Fernandez earned his medical degree at Boston University School of Medicine and holds board certification in Addiction Medicine and Consultation Liaison Psychiatry.

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