Behavioral Economics and Choice Architecture with Food

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"Behavioral economics... doesn't make that assumption that we always make rational choices, it assumes that sometimes we don't make rational choices and that the interventions based on behavioral economics are to nudge us towards those choices that would be good for us that we probably want to make anyway. But we don't always make it at the moment. And so choice architecture is one intervention that has been brought to the forefront by behavioral economics... The choice architecture is really about product placement, putting something in a place that's easy to see or easy to reach." - Dr. Anne Thorndike

Dr. Anne Thorndike explains to us what is behavioral economics and choice architecture, how we’re surrounded by it, and how we should make our day-to-day decisions at the workplace as well as at the grocery store. We learn what we can do differently in utilizing choice architecture to be applied on a more micro level in our homes. Dr. Thorndike is an associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and the director of the metabolic syndrome clinic at Massachusetts General Hospital. Her research focuses on individual and population behavioral interventions to prevent cardiometabolic disease. Through implementation research, her team has demonstrated the effectiveness of traffic light labels, choice architecture, social norms, and financial incentives to promote healthy food choices in real-life settings, such as worksite, cafeterias, and supermarkets.

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