Bilingual Diabetes Care and Food Diversity

Joyce Verdejo

"There's a lot of Latinos and Hispanics here in the United States that they can speak English and they understand English, but they prefer to get the information in their primary language, that it will be Spanish. They feel more connected to me, and they feel more open to share their concerns, and I can help them better." - Joyce Verdejo, RD

On this episode, Registered Dietitian Joyce Verdejo chats about her work in nutrition, specifically in diabetes care, her strong focus on the Latino community, the diversity and richness of foods within this community, her efforts to release bilingual posts to make information accessible, and widely held misconceptions in diabetes. Joyce has 20 years of experience in dietetics. She obtained a bachelor degree in science/nutrition from the University of Puerto Rico and a dietetic internship from The Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Puerto Rico. She is currently a dietitian at Sarasota Memorial’s comprehensive Diabetes Treatment Services program. As an outpatient dietitian she is responsible for guiding the education for clients of all ages with diabetes and their family members.

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