Breastfeeding and Gestational Diabetes

Lauren Wright

"So if you know they've struggled during their gestational period, and maybe develop gestational diabetes, or perhaps they're at risk, you know, from diet or genetically for developing type two, breastfeeding, actually, it's incredible because it helps make you more sensitive to the insulin that your body's producing. So you're becoming more efficient with the sugar that's available in your body and that's how we see that. For moms, it prevents diabetes, and actually reduces the risk of breast cancer." - Lauren Wright, PhD(c), MSN, AGNP-BC

Nurse practitioner and PhD candidate at the University of South Florida, Lauren Wright has been passionate about optimizing wellness by integrating preventative primary health care and research. She integrates her immunology research and Nurse Practitioner experience to design breakthrough Biome and Breastfeeding innovations. While studying the gut microbiome of preterm infants, she discovered that babies who weren’t being given breast milk were suffering fatal complications. She wanted to find a solution that would give all babies the ability to have breast milk, and support prolonged breastfeeding. She is now the founder of a biotechcompany and Patented infant feeding system called The Natural Nipple. This was designed to solve a primary barrier to breastfeeding so caregivers can introduce a bottle without consequential latching problems or fatal complications.

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