Cardiovascular Risks in Sub-Asian Groups
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“...Asian are actually quite different in terms of health behaviors and cultural norms and values and immigration patterns and other social factors that may influence the health of people in each of these groups”

In this episode, Dr. Nilay Shah joins us to discuss the prevalence of cardiovascular disease, such as heart failure and ischemic heart disease, among Asian American subgroups. Dr. Shah sheds light on the specific groups of Asian Americans who are most affected by these conditions, discusses the “healthy immigrant effect”, and identifies some of the factors that may contribute to this health disparity in these sub groups.

Nilay Shah is a preventive cardiologist, and Assistant Professor of Cardiology and Preventive Medicine at Northwestern University. His research focuses on identifying and implementing strategies to help people maintain cardiovascular health and prevent cardiovascular disease, with a particular focus on supporting communities that experience cardiovascular disease disparities.

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