Combating the Social Stigmas of Diabetes

Meagan Munoz

"There's so much focus on what people do on their day to day. But we often forget that even those choices are limited by how much money people have, how much what they have access to as far as health care. And so when we zoom out and look at the big picture for diabetes risks, it's very complicated." - Megan Muñoz, RN, MSN, CMSRN, CDCES

On this episode, Registered Nurse and Diabetes Educator, Megan Muñoz chats about associated risk factors for diabetes that are not behavioral, her fight to reduce the stigma associated with type 2 diabetes, and why it is so important to reduce that stigma in order to obtain great quality care. Muñoz is the creator and host of “Type 2 and You with Meg”, the first podcast by a certified diabetes care and education specialist dedicated to people living with type 2 diabetes. Her passion to reduce diabetes stigmas is evident in her podcasting, content contributions, and live presentations.

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