Connecting Malnutrition and Obesity

Wendy Phillips RD

"We also often talk to patients that say, 'I know I've lost weight rapidly. It isn't a good thing, but I don't want to regain the weight, I'm happy that I've lost weight.' And so our message back to them is we won't help you gain back weight as far as fat, but we need to increase that muscle mass in order to have good health." - Wendy Phillips, RD

Can someone be obese and still be malnourished? In this episode, Wendy Phillips, a nutritionist for over 20 years, tells us about what it means to be malnourished, how one can be diagnosed for it and how it can be treated. She says how good health and good nutrition can be managed and maintained daily. Wendy has worked for Morrison Healthcare for 11 years in clinical nutrition director positions and is now a Regional Vice President for Morrison. She is active in public policy and has held multiple leadership positions in the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition.

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