COVID-19 and Planting your Victory Garden

Ruth Clark

“And if you want to eat a healthier diet, maybe have better control over your blood sugar, it’s really important that you eat a lot of veggies. If you could make that the foundation of your diet, lots and lots of veggies, cause they’re loaded with nutrients that you really need to control your blood sugar.” - Ruth Clark, RD

Registered Dietitian Ruth Clark talks to us about her interest in nutrition, the benefits of growing our own plants, the type of plants to grow at this time of the year. And lastly, she talks to us about the connection between the environment in which we grow our plants and the impact of that environment on our health. Ruth is a Registered Dietitian and Functional Nutritionist. For the past 25 years, Ruth has specialized in helping mid-life women who are struggling with weight, fatigue, and mood to create more vitality in their lives. She is a best-selling author of Cool the Fire: Curb Inflammation and Balance Hormones. The book includes 10 High Impact Nutritional Strategies, over 150 delicious, healthy and healing recipes which integrate into 28 days of Mindful Menus.

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