COVID-19, Research, and Minority Groups

Dr. Sahil Parikh

"So the most seriously affected patients, over a third of them are diabetics and these were patients in the intensive care unit and the you know, the numbers are sobering. Over half the patients who make it to the ICU, are either still in the ICU or have died." - Dr. Sahil Parikh, MD

Dr. Sahil Parikh shares his journey to a career in Interventional Cardiology at Columbia University. He sheds light on the relationship between diabetes and the risk of complications from COVID-19 and the burden of illness and death from COVID-19 being disproportionately prevalent on racial and ethnic groups. Dr. Parikh is an Interventional Cardiologist focused on patient-care research and teaching around the manifestations of atherosclerosis through the circulation. He has a large outpatient and inpatient practice and performs complex procedures in a population comprised of approximately 50% diabetic patients. He’s passionate about advocacy for patients with vascular disease and teaching the next generation. As an engineer, he aspires to help develop new technologies to improve care for his patients.

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