Debunking the Racist Origins of “Fat is Bad”: The Anti-Black Roots of Anti-Fatness

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“I think that it's important to recognize the way that there's a crossroad at which fat and blackness produce anti-fatness as a coherent ideology through anti-blackness.”

Da’Shaun Harrison defines anti-fatness and discusses how social constructions of health are rooted in anti-blackness that permeate throughout healthcare. They talk about the inequalities fat Black people face in medicine and how to debunk the social notion that fat is bad. Tune in to find out how constructions of health marginalize fat Black people.

Da’Shaun Harrison is a Black trans writer, abolitionist, and community organizer in Atlanta, GA. Harrison currently serves as the Managing Editor of Wear Your Voice Magazine, and is the author of “Belly of the Beast: The Politics of Anti-Fatness as Anti-Blackness.” 

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