Diabetes and the Latino Community

Katrina Nayeli Soto Martinez

"There's an old phrase that says that we are what we sow, maybe the opposite is also true and we eat what we are. If we want to really make an impact in our Latino community, we need to understand that it takes more than used to provide information, sometimes the how, and to whom that information is the lever is more than important than the word." - Karina Nayeli Soto, RD, Yumlish’s lead Dietitian.

In this episode, Karina Nayeli Soto, Yumlish’s lead Dietitian, talks to us about the prevalence of diabetes in the Latino community and the contributing factors to that, her culturally relevant approach in nutrition therapy, the misconceptions around diabetes, and grocery shopping habits in the Latino community. Karina is a Bi-Lingual Registered Dietitian with a Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition. She worked for the Department of Health and Human Services at Dallas City and for the Health Department of Mexico. She is currently the lead dietitian at Yumlish!

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