Uncontrolled Diabetes and Inpatient Care

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“When I speak of the [care] team, our patients are an essential part of that team management.” - Dr. Richard Siegel

What is uncontrolled diabetes? Dr. Richard Siegel joins Shireen on this episode of the Yumlish Podcast to answer that question. Dr. Seigel defines steps on how to manage diabetes and examines what diabetes management and care looks like for inpatients, taking into account the special considerations patients with diabetes might need to take if they are admitted to the hospital. He also touches on how COVID-19 has impacted medical innovation, regarding diabetes care and new access methods.

Dr. Richard Siegel graduated from Albany Medical College and did internal medicine training with chief residency at Boston University Medical Center.  Dr. Richard Siegel trained in internal medicine and he did his endocrine fellowship over 3 years at Tufts Medical Center and subsequently joined the faculty in 1997.  After completing his endocrine fellowship, he helped to create an early version of the inpatient diabetes management program by collaborating with general and transplant surgery.  At Tufts Medical Center, he is currently the co-director of the Diabetes and Lipid Center and is the consulting endocrinologist and bariatrician at the Weight and Wellness Center.

Question of the Week: How has COVID-19 impacted your or a loved one’s diabetes?

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