Food Insecurity


“… individuals who are using food pantries, we found the nutrients that they were getting from the food pantry was actually contributing more of, a lot of really helpful things like fiber, fruit, grains, oils, vitamin D, K, and calcium, and those were coming in a greater percentage from the food pantry than compared with other sources like grocery stores.”

Dr. Eicher-Miller will be discussing what she has found in her research on food insecurity. We will also be talking about federal programs, food pantries, and community gardens and how important they are to communities that are in need.

Dr. Eicher-Miller is an Associate Professor of Nutrition Science at Purdue University. Her research focuses on food insecurity which affects 11% of U.S. households and creates uncertainty in having enough nutritious and safe food.  Her work has found poor dietary and health outcomes linked to food insecurity among diverse populations and created interventions to improve food security.  

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