Health Equity Though Weight-Inclusive Behavior Health Interventions

Health Equity

“So I think one of the things that's really important for me is thinking about the way that health disparities are framed in this country. And if we think about that key issue, most health disparities are focused towards marginalized communities…” “And so if we think about that intersectionality, for example of living as a race and ethnic minority, and also in a larger body, with those, just those two, multiple those two intersecting marginalized identities, then, you know, it's really important for me that I take that into account in my work…” “It's really sad, actually, the discrimination that goes on you. Some people may call it microaggressions towards folks in larger bodies that are occurring in not just healthcare environments, but will focus on the healthcare environment.…”

In today’s episode, we celebrate the work of Dr. Lauren Butler. Her paramount efforts in weight-inclusive behavioral health interventions redefine and challenge traditional norms, striving for social justice and health equity for marginalized communities. Join us as we delve into her transformative work, challenging biases and championing holistic well-being for diverse communities.

Dr. Lauren Butler is a registered dietitian and nutrition epidemiologist. Dr. Butler works as an Assistant Professor in the Nutrition and Foods Program at Texas State University. She leads the Food Freedom Research Team, a team of students, researchers, community members and other stakeholders with the shared goal of ending weight stigma and advancing nutrition equity and social justice.

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