Healthy Shopping at the Grocery Store

Andrew Akhaphong

"Yes, so one of my most favorite recommendations I like to give to people is there is not one diet that fits all. However, if there is a dietary lifestyle that requires you to restrict certain food groups, restricts your favorite foods, doesn't take into consideration your cultural preferences and food preferences, [then] that's not the right dietary intervention for you because you're more likely to fail and it's okay to continue doing what you normally do as your eating pattern. Just watch your portion control." - Andrew Akhaphong, RD, LD, Pn1, ACEWMS, ACTION-CPT

Shireen interviews Andrew Akhaphong about his work as a dietitian and recommends diets based on chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease. Andrew talks about how one diet does not fit all and how one should use portion control in their own diet. Andrew has been a registered dietitian and has been in the grocery retail industry for four years with six years of prior experience as a clinical nutrition manager. When he discovered how little there was in culturally appropriate education tools in the clinical setting, Andrew pursued the opportunity in grocery retail to bridge the gap to provide guidance on defining nutritional recommendations based on the cultural needs of consumers.

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