Holiday Special: Nutrition Myths and Facts

Holiday Special: Nutrition Myths and Facts

“These questions and myths come up all the time. And what's maybe a little ironic is that the most common ones are sometimes the most basic or simple ones.” “And one of the principles of intuitive eating that I love to remind people about is the satisfaction factor. So if you're approaching the holidays and maybe thinking about what you might try differently this year, I would really encourage you to tune into your food preferences, try to think about what it is you enjoy most.”

In today’s episode, we’re joined by Cara Harbstreet. Her expertise seamlessly combines nutrition science with joyful eating. Join us as we explore her commitment to simplifying health messages and fostering positive relationships with food. Discover how she encourages rediscovering joy in eating without unnecessary restrictions.

Cara Harbstreet is a Kansas City-based registered dietitian working in private practice and nutrition communications. She is passionate about fearlessly nourishing meals, and uses a weight-inclusive approach to gentle nutrition.

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