Lumps, Bumps and Rotating your Injection Needle

Melanie Teslik

“The other thing is people think that, gotta give the injections in a small area. No, you have your whole area up to, you know, the love handles”

In this episode, we will be talking with Ms. Melanie Teslik a certified diabetes care and educational specialist. In this episode, we will be discussing Lipohypertrophy its causes, tips for management, and myths and misconceptions she addresses as a diabetes nurse educator. 

Ms. Teslik is a certified diabetes care and education specialist and board certified in advanced diabetes management. She has been an active member with ADCES for over 12 years. Ms. Teslik is a past president of the local chapter and was named Diabetes Educator of the Year in 2016. She has also participated on numerous national committees. She has been working as a Diabetes Nurse Educator for over 12 years at NYU Langone Long Island and has dedicated her life to always being the patient advocate and teacher.

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