Kidney Disease with Diabetes

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“A plant based diet tends to have less acid load, and one of the challenges with kidney disease is that kidneys excrete the acid in the blood, so a plant based diet gives you less acid than a heavy meat based diet … The evidence is suggestive that increasing the whole grains, fruits, vegetables, fiber, are all very beneficial to patients with chronic kidney disease.”

In this episode, Dr. Leisman delves into kidney disease in diabetes, including symptoms and foods to avoid with kidney disease and diabetes. She talks about how a plant-based diet can help kidney disease with diabetes and gives specific suggestions for how diabetic individuals can take control of their health to prevent kidney failure. 

Dr Leisman is a board-certified nephrologist (kidney doctor) at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. She cares for people with acute and chronic kidney disease, and people on dialysis. 

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