Nutrition and its Impact on Gastrointestinal Health

Final Version - Alicia GalvinTHUMBNAIL2023

“...You could point to pretty much any chronic health condition you can trace back to the gut.”.

In this episode, we spoke with Alicia Galvin about the significance of the foods we eat and how it affects our gastrointestinal system.  We discuss the impact of nutrition on the gut microbiome and highlighted the potential complications that may arise if we don’t be mindful of what we eat. 

Alicia Galvin is an integrative and functionally trained Registered Dietitian and Clinical Science Liaison with Microbiome Labs. She is also owner of her private practice and has practiced in the Dallas/Fort Worth area since 2008. She is also Co-Founder of SIBO Academy, an online educational training platform for nutrition professionals in the realm of functional GI disorders.

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