Nutrition Care Interventions for Vulnerable Populations
nutrition care

“...So if we nourish our body properly, we can prevent chronic disease. Or if someone is already does have a particular condition, we can also utilize food, diet and lifestyle to prevent the progression of that disease and help improve people's quality of life.” “...I think insurance and America is a very complex beast where even people in the medical field probably can't even explain kind of all the nuances and all of the specifics regarding around nutrition coverage…”

Edith Yang’s expertise extends to diverse specializations, including pediatrics and Asian cuisine. Join us as we explore how Edith’s knowledge and dedication are expanding access to nutrition care, making a positive impact on health while helping people live their best lives. Let us learn how she is turning nutrition into a powerful tool for change.

Edith Yang an Asian American Registered Dietitian who is Board-Certified in Renal Nutrition, a Certified LEAP Therapist, Fellow of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, cookbook author, and the owner of Healthy Mission Dietitian, Inc – a hybrid model insurance based private practice.

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