Nutrition Essentials for a Healthy Pregnancy
Yaffi Lvova

“Add a smile and add a plant.” “When you're pregnant, it's important to get a mix of nutrition.”

In this episode, we’re unlocking the secrets to a healthy and vibrant journey from pregnancy to parenthood. We’ll explore key nutrients, food do’s and don’ts, trimester-specific needs, the power of probiotics, and nourishing your baby’s brain. Whether you’re a mom-to-be or a new parent, get ready to fuel your family’s future with expert advice and practical wisdom. Let’s dive in!

Yaffi Lvova is an experienced Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and a proud mom of twins plus one. She holds degrees in both World Religions and Nutrition & Dietetics from Arizona State University. Yaffi is a published author of several books on feeding kids and is the creator of Toddler Test Kitchen™. Yaffi supports parents through her social media, public speaking, and Nap Time Nutrition podcast and YouTube channel.

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