Plant-Based Diets for Latinx Individuals Living with Diabetes

Jennifer Rodriguez

"Some advice I sometimes give the Latinx community is to, you know, always emphasize on portion control, you know, eat your traditional foods, but portion control can go a long way, adding healthy fats that are traditional to the Latinx community is very crucial." Jennifer Rodriguez, RD

On this episode, Shireen chats with Registered Dietitian Jennifer Rodriguez about working with Latinx individuals living with diabetes, her inspiration and focus on plant-based foods, and busts myths for costs and nutrition within a plant-based diet. Jennifer is the owner, Registered Dietitian, and food photographer behind Food is Vida, a nutrition consulting and media business. Through Food is Vida, Jennifer specializes in teaching preventive and plant-based nutrition, and inspires Latinx communities to enjoy their cultural foods in combination with nutrition therapies to enhance their health. Like Yumlish, Jennifer practices out of Texas, and for our listeners in Texas, make sure you stay tuned until the end to hear about an exciting upcoming event Yumlish will be offering in the region.

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