Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Awareness

Sue-Ellen Thumbnails 2022

“ [It’s] very important for women out there to be aware of their bodies and to keep track of it.”

In today’s episode we welcome back Sue-Ellen Anderson-Haynes to our podcast. September is PCOS awareness month. We will be discussing some of the health problems that can develop from polycystic ovary syndrome and how you can better manage it.

Sue-Ellen is a Registered Dietitian of over 14 years and a Certified Diabetes Care Education Specialist (CDCES). She is the founder and CEO of 360Girls&Women® – a holistic wellness company for girls and women and the co-founder of cultuRD™ at iamcultuRD.com –  a Digital Healthcare  App that connects Registered Dietitians to Clients based on cultural alignment. 

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