Positive Food Language

Discussing Positive Food Language! featuring special guest, Sarah Crulcich

"Having a good relationship with food is not about weigh, and I would argue that the way we talked about weight is often what drives a poor relationship with food." - Sarah Crulcich, MPH, RD, LD

Do you have a positive relationship with food? In this episode, Registered Dietitian Sarah Crulcich tells us how important it is to permit ourselves to have food and enjoy it. How important is it to have a dialogue when it comes to food? Sarah explains how food insecurity can bring toxic stress and have an impact on our immune systems, and on children, it can even impact their brain development. She also tells us how we give food big moral power depending on what culture it comes from, even if it doesn’t impact badly our health. Sarah is a Registered Dietitian and the Health Promotion Coordinator at the Houston Food Bank where she addresses policy, systems, and environmental change strategies. She is the Houston Ambassador of Diversify Dietetics and was the 2019-2020 Texas Academy (SE Region) Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year. Prior to the food bank, Sarah was a fellow in Washington, D.C. where she worked on SNAP regulations, health disparities, and Child Nutrition Reauthorization.

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