Questioning the Personal Responsibility of Chronic Illness and Disease

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“Dinner Plans: Easy Vintage Meals harkens back to the day before we were concerned about links between diet and chronic disease. Back when we were concerned about making sure that we ate good foods rather than avoiding bad foods.”

Adele Hite discusses current gaps in nutritional health policy and raises important questions about the ethics of nutritional interventions. She talks about how the Dietary Guidelines for Americans created a correlation between diet and chronic disease that has shaped chronic disease management. Tune in to find out how you can challenge the rhetoric of personal responsibility and individualism as the cause of chronic illness and diabetes. 

Adele Hite, PhD MPH RDN is a registered dietitian with graduate training in nutritional epidemiology and public health and a doctorate in rhetoric, communication, and digital media. Her work combines biomedicine and cultural studies to explore food politics, nutrition science, and public health nutrition policy.

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