Race, Ethnicity, and Diabetes: Intra-Ethnic Diabetes Disparities

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“Up until 2017 there was no data on the intra-ethnic differences in the Black population, as everyone was classified as African American, or Black in epidemiological evidence.”

In this episode, Dr. Margrethe Horlyck-Romanovsky discusses intra-ethnic diabetes disparities and how to optimize diabetes risk assessments for diverse populations. She also talks about how immigrant status, ethnicity, and race can influence diabetes risk in populations of African descent. 

Dr. Horlyck-Romanovsky is a public health nutrition professional committed to addressing intra-ethnic health disparities among populations of African descent. Her mixed methods research examining intra-ethnic risk profile in New York City, compares risk factors, health behaviors and disease profiles of African Americans, African-born Blacks and Afro-Caribbeans.

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