Sensory Factors and Food Choice


“... I think the best nutritional advice is still balanced, moderation and variety.”

On this episode, Dr. Mattes explains his expertise in how the sensory properties of food affect not only food choice in individuals but also the digestion and metabolism of certain foods in the body.

Dr. Mattes is a Distinguished Professor of Nutrition Science at Purdue University, Adjunct Associate Professor of Medicine at the Indiana University School of Medicine, and Affiliated Scientist at the Monell Chemical Senses Center.  His research focuses on the areas of taste function, hunger and satiety, food preferences, regulation of food intake in humans, and human cephalic phase responses. At Purdue, Dr. Mattes is the Head of the Ingestive Behavior Research Center.  Outside of Purdue, he was a member of the 2020 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee; is a past-president of the American Society of Nutrition, and Secretary of the Rose Marie Pangborn Sensory Science Scholarship Fund.  He has authored over 295 publications.  Dr. Mattes earned an undergraduate degree in biology and a Masters degree in Public Health from the University of Michigan as well as a doctorate degree in Human Nutrition from Cornell University.  He conducted post-doctoral studies at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and the Monell Chemical Senses Center.

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