Stereotypes in Nutrition and Dietetics

Charmaine Jones

“White food or white families eat the standard that their way of eating should be mimic or is the standard and black families eat like their food is not the standard and it's always unhealthy. They really don't eat a lot of greens, leafy vegetables, which is far from the truth...” “...We need to learn about each other's culture so we can become that mixing bowl that they want us to be and with appreciation of each other's culture…”

In today’s episode, we are pleased to welcome Charmaine Jones to the podcast as we delve into her impactful contributions to the field of nutrition. Her commitment to challenging the misrepresentation and stereotyping of Black foods is commendable. Join us as we explore Charmaine’s journey, her innovative, holistic approaches to nutrition counseling, and her steadfast dedication to fostering diversity and inclusion in the world of dietetics.

Charmaine Jones is a Registered Dietitian and Owner of Food Jonezi and Food Jonezi Friendz. Her expertise includes personalized nutrition counseling and the development of corporate wellness programs. She is also an adjunct professor at the University of District of Columbia.  She is known for her article that was acknowledged by the Huffington’s Post in 2018 called, “Do I Have to Eat Like White People.”

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