Strategic Food and Nutrition Communications in Retail


“Social media is a morass of misconceptions when it comes to nutrition and health, and I, you know, I and my team spend a very large part of our roles combating these myths, such as Inflammatory foods and seed oils as inflammatory, dairy as inflammatory, diet culture in general” “Until we can change pricing models and that goes into agriculture economics and politics and lobbying and congress until we can change the pricing of foods and if we can make really really intentional pricing decisions and include dieticians like me in that those decisions about fresh produce and foods that we consider that we want people to eat more of and so we make them very affordable and we somehow you know I don't want to say novelize, but we incentivize them and we de incentivize foods that we shouldn't be consuming so much of. I don't see our national health getting very much better.”

In today’s episode, we are thrilled to welcome Monica Moreno. Join us as we explore the strategies, challenges, and future trends that influence the way we communicate and make informed food choices. Monica will shed light on the impact of accurate nutrition messaging, and how it shapes healthier lifestyles.

Monica is the founder and owner of Essence Nutrition, a group practice of six dietitians and three psychotherapists based in Miami. She maintains private clientele (both pediatric and adults), and provides corporate and school wellness programming and consulting nationwide. She is the in-house chef for her three roommates – a 15 month-old, a nearly 4 year-old, and a 36 year-old husband.

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