The No-Diet Method and Body Autonomy

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You'd want to connect with a dietician who shares your values, your food, traditions, and practices, and someone who exemplifies cultural competence and nutrition. - Amber Charles-Alexis

Do diets ever make you feel constricted? Confined? Feeling like you have no control? In this episode, Amber Charles joins Shireen to discuss the No-Diet Method. Body Autonomy is an important factor in this method. Amber also gives advice on incorporating cultural foods into meals, nutritional therapy and interventions, and weight stigma. 


Amber Charles is a Public Health Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian located in Trinidad and Tobago. Amber, affectionately known as “The Cultural Dietitian,” shares culturally competent nutrition through her blog and freelance writing.


Question for the Day: What’s your favorite way to incorporate cultural foods into your meals?


On this episode, you will learn:

The No-Diet Method

Body Autonomy’s definition and Its Application

Weight Stigma

Nutritional Therapy and Interventions

Incorporation of Cultural Foods into Meals

Characteristics of a Fad Diet


Key notes:

0:00 Welcome with Shireen!

2:26 The No-Diet Approach and Nutrition

3:35 The No-Diet Approach and Chronic Conditions

4:36 Identifying Fad Diets

6: 19 Body Autonomy and the No-Diet Approach

7:56 Bias Influence on Medical Care

10:56 Gaps in Nutrition Therapy

13:43  Nutritional Therapy Without Cultural Competence

15:41 Cultural Foods and Healthy Diets

18:55 Connect with Amber

20:02 Signing off with Shireen!

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