What are some myths of diabetes?

Myths of diabetes

Like with many things there are a mix of facts and myths of diabetes roaming the internet and being talked about. Many myths are thought of as a truth and it can be hard to figure out what is true or not. Diabetes is a major health concern, so it is important to figure out the myths and see the facts to better your diabetes prevention and management.


Common Myths of Diabetes

This blog post will look at some of the common myths of diabetes and address the real truth the myth covers up.

Myth: Everyone overweight will have diabetes

Overweight is one of many risk factors that contribute to diabetes. Weight is not the only risk factor to diabetes. There are many other risk factors that are just as influential such as age, physical activity, genetics, and ethnicity. The CDC breaks down the list of risk factors here.

Myth: Diabetics need to eat special food

Even though some packaged food might have the label “diabetes friendly”, there is not a set of special foods that diabetics eat. That said it is important and highly recommended for a diabetic to eat healthy. This healthy diet does not look different from a healthy diet for anyone. There are some diets and foods that are better for a diabetic, discussed further in this blog post, but there is nothing special needed for a diabetic’s diet other than eating healthy.

Myth: Diabetics need to avoid starchy food or carbs

Starchy foods and carbs are not bad. Starchy foods can be eaten in moderation, try the plate method for an easy way to monitor starch. Carbs as well do not negatively affect diabetes. In fact, eating the right combo of carbs, proteins, and fat can help manage blood sugar levels. It is all about moderation. As long as you do not eat too much of one thing and have a balanced diet, starchy foods and carbs can be eaten.

Myth: Diabetics can not eat sweets or junk food

As stated above moderation is key. As long as sweets or junk food as not the majority of your diet but just a small part then they can be eaten. The best way to eat sweets is to save them for special occasions so you are not likely to eat them too much.

Myth: Diabetics are more likely to get sick

Diabetics are not more likely to get sick than the average person. The reason why it is important to be healthy while diabetic is because getting sick will make it harder to manage diabetes.

Myth: Diabetics will always go blind or have other major health complications

These usually only happen when blood sugar levels are not properly managed and left uncontrolled for long periods of time. If properly managing your diabetes it is possible to go your entire life without the major health complications. For some examples of common health complications and advice on how to prevent them visit this blog post.

Myth: Diabetics can’t live an active life

In fact, exercise is necessary for managing diabetes. Diabetes is not a chronic illness that limits an active lifestyle or a normal lifestyle. It just requires a person to be a healthier version of themselves. Exercise is a part of it.


In Conclusion

There are many myths of diabetes floating around which give information that can be harmful for diabetes management. As well as make diabetes worse than it is. Diabetes is a serious chronic illness, but it is not as limiting as these myths make it out to be. It is up to the community and health care professionals, and policymakers to challenge and correct these myths. Which will allow for more accurate information to be spread about diabetes. For more information of this check out this podcast here. Listening to the facts instead of the myths of diabetes will allow someone to have better control of their diabetes management and prevention because they will not have so much fear and misinformation of their diabetes.

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