About Us

Yumlish is a recipe video platform created for you by dietitians and nutritionists; together we help take the guesswork out of cooking for chronic illnesses and dietary restrictions

Chronic illness recipes + local dietitians = Yumlish


Chronic illness diagnosis?Distinguish facts from fads - work with local experts to change your relationship with food. Find your food tribe!


We provide you expert recipes catered to your health condition; from inspiration to ingredients - we've got your covered!


Being local enables us to connect you to everything local - from our local area dietitian to local grocers - join the local movement!

Our story

Ever asked your health provider about how you can manage a health condition and get the classic “diet and exercise” response? Same here.

After being diagnosed with a chronic condition a few years ago, I turned to “Dr. Google” for answers on managing my condition through diet. After months of researching, blogger-following, experimentation, and talking to friends and family, I was overwhelmed with conflicting advice and quick-fix diets with little benefit.

All the research pointed to diet as the cause and solution; but how would diet translate into foods on the dinner table? Speaking to recently-diagnosed community members, I realized there was a gap from diagnosis to the kitchen.

Almost everyone I spoke to received a sheet from their doctor pointing to ingredients they should avoid. “That’s great!  Now how do I modify the foods I know and love?”, I wondered.

Enter Yumlish.

I created Yumlish and even before there was a website, there was excitement. Turns out, there is a huge appetite for recipe modifications, vetted by dietitians and nutritionists, and that is catered to health conditions. We are moving from fads to facts for health conditions by partnering with local dietitians.  I invite you to join our Yumlish community as we make chronic illness recipes accessible!  Join us.



Cooking After Diagnosis; image shows an arm of someone getting their blood pressure checked along with an image of delicious pasta and a third image where a female is cutting tomatoes