We are in this together

Yumlish provides tech-enabled and culturally-affirming virtual programs for diabetes prevention
while addressing socioeconomic and lifestyle barriers.

Registered dietitian

Our experts understand dietary habits that are reflective of our members' cultural heritage.


We partner with vendors to address busy lifestyle, affordability, and cultural nuances.


Peers share wins, create goals, and motivate one another to form new eating habits.

Our story

Our founder, Shireen Abdullah, was diagnosed with a diet-related chronic condition a few years ago. When she turned to her doctor to understand what that she could do differently in her health, her doctor recommended her to “eat healthy“.

What did that mean for her? Especially, within the context of the South Asian foods she grew up and continues to cook today? After talking to friends and family, she quickly realized that we are provided some version of the “eat healthy” advice with very little support to make it tangible.

Yumlish is on a mission to scale nutrition literacy. We provide web/text-based, culturally-affirming programs, like diabetes prevention, to Medicaid and Medicare members.

Our approach positively impacts hypertension, obesity, and other quality measures for the health plan and delays/reduces healthcare costs attributed to diabetes.

a man serving pasta to a man on a plate with other family members sitting around the table
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