Blood Sugar and Managing Weight – Competing Outcomes T1D

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“If you misdose your insulin, you can do it in two ways. You can give too little insulin, which will cause your blood sugar to go high.And then maybe you'll have to give a little bit more insulin to correct that high blood sugar. If you provide too much insulin for a given meal, your blood sugar will drop low.” “First of all, people with type 1, as we know, need to take insulin to survive. That false notion can lead some people to restrict or omit insulin for weight loss, which can be incredibly detrimental to their health.”

In today’s episode, we are privileged to feature Dr. Daria Igudesman, a dynamic expert in the field of nutrition, with a focus on diabetes management. Dr. Igudesman’s research findings and continue work will provide valuable insights into blood sugar and weight management for individuals with type 1 diabetes. We explore the practical strategies she offers to enhance the lives of those living with Type 1.

Dr. Daria Igudesman is a postdoctoral fellow at the AdventHealth Translational Research Institute. She earned a PhD in Nutrition and is credentialed as a Registered Dietitian. Her research focuses on nutrition and the gut microbiome in type 1 diabetes management.

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