Challenging Weight Stigmas at Home: Strategies for Healthier Relationships

dr maggie smith red turtle neck beige coat smiling weight stigmas and strategies for healthier relationships

“So as you can see families can have either negative or positive effect depending on how weight and health and bodies are talked about within the family.” “So encourage our kids to make decisions about food based on how our bodies, makes their bodies feel rather than how it makes their bodies look.”

In this episode, we are joined by Dr. Smith to delve into how family history and upbringing shape an individual’s weight beliefs and management practices. We uncover examples of how family members’ experiences with weight, both positive and negative, can significantly impact how we view our own bodies. Additionally, we discuss the influence of cultural and generational differences on weight beliefs within couples and families, exploring how these differences play out in our lives.

Dr. Smith is a marriage and family therapist and behavioral health faculty member in the Department of Family and Community Medicine at UT Southwestern. She is  involved in integrated behavioral health patient care, resident education, and research! A lot of her research focuses on the role of couples and families in our body image, weight beliefs, and disease management as well as ways to combat weight discrimination and stigma within primary care and family systems.

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