Closing Gaps within Nutrition

Madalyn Vasquez

"There's a nutrition gap and my passion is to help close that and help bring clarity to those that may be struggling with an diagnosis, or even have no idea of what nutrition is because there's a lot of misconceptions within the nutrition community, not only the diabetes community, but just nutrition community overall." - Madalyn Vasquez, RD

In this episode, Registered Dietitian Madalyn Vasquez talks to us about her journey into nutrition with a specific focus on diabetes care, how she’s closing gaps within nutrition, and eliminating stigmas around diabetes within the Latino community, and how she works to simplify education and related information regarding diabetes so it doesn’t feel as overwhelming. Madalyn is a registered dietitian, and has a Master’s degree in nutrition and dietetics. She is currently working as a dietitian, providing nutrition and diabetes education to those living with diabetes; and she works to provide evidenced-based nutrition while allowing her patients to fully understand how food impacts blood sugars differently.

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