COVID-19, Diabetes, & Anxiety Eating

Kelly Springer

"I really want people that are worried about diabetes or have diabetes to truly watch what you're drinking. I think a lot of times that sugar sources are coming in through our drinks without us even being aware of that."-Kelly Springer, RD

Registered dietitian Kelly Springer shares her inspiration to learn dietetics and the relationship between health and diet. She maps the relationship between nutrition and diet and shares tips to eat healthy especially for people with diabetes. Kelly Springer began Kelly’s Choice in 2012, and the nutritional company has quickly grown its presence through national TV appearances, virtual nutrition programs, and a commitment to simplifying nutrition for Americans. Formerly the Division Dietitian at Wegmans Food Markets, spearheading the company’s workplace wellness program, Kelly is also the VP of Workforce Engagement at ProHCM. She’s also conducted nutrition education through her private practice, and at Hillside Children’s Center and Auburn Memorial Hospital Bariatric Center. Kelly is a graduate of West Virginia University with a BS degree in Nutrition and earned her Master’s degree in Health Education from SUNY Cortland.

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