Deck the Halls with Boughs of Healthy

Teresa Wagner

"I think people underestimate the role that sleep plays in our overall health and I can tell you right along with... my balance of eating the right foods, I also have to make sure that I get adequate amounts of sleep to keep my digestive tract healthy." - Dr. Teresa Wagner

Do you care about your health on holiday meals? In this episode, Dr. Teresa Wagner teaches us how we can deal with big meals during holidays and still be healthy. She also gives tips on how we can cover up the COVID-19 stress, social distance and difficulties we can have, and still have fun in this holiday season. Dr. Wagner is a registered and licensed dietitian. She is certified in public health and a certified community health worker instructor. As a clinician, she was recently certified in Patient Safety, Lifestyle Medicine and Health Coaching. In her role at Safer Care Texas, she has established a multi-stakeholder health literacy collaborative with the DFW Hospital Council Foundation and testified on health literacy legislation in Texas. As a result of her work locally, regionally & nationally, she received the 2018 Texas Health Literacy Hero Award as well as the 2020 Distinguished Alumni Award from Texas Christian University.

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