Diabetes: Optimize Gut Microbiome Through Diet

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“I had not planned to go into this field. But when I was at UNC Chapel Hill, I was in a lab that studied a nutrient called choline. And all of a sudden, all this literature came out about choline. a microbial metabolite called TMAO. And guess what? That is derived from the breakdown of dietary choline from the gut microbes. So that sort of led me down that path to start with.” “So, the gut microbes, which by the way, are all over the body, but the largest numbers are, are in your gut or in your colon. They do things like process nutrients and metabolize them. They can impact how some diabetes medications work, like metformin, which is a pretty common medication for people with diabetes. They also impact things like immunity and inflammation, which we know don't work the way they should sometimes in people with things like diabetes or obesity.” “So, the bottom line is that we are the ones that feed the gut microbes. So it goes into our mouth, most of it gets absorbed in the small intestine, and that's where most of the magic happens in the body. But there's a small percentage, which we control based on our food choices, that ends up making it all the way down the gut to the colon, where the microbes can ferment those foods and perform various functions. So diet is by far the most fundamental way that we as humans impact those gut microbes every single day because we all got to eat at least once or twice a day.” “So, transdisciplinary just means across disciplines, and back, you know, many, many decades ago, it was, you could just envision this, right? The lonely scientist in the dark lab, in the corner, pipetting and just trying to figure all this stuff out. by him or herself. And we have just changed so much because now we don't just look at one gene. We can look at all the genes. We don't look at one microbe. We can look at all the microbes.”

In today’s episode, we are honored to have Dr. Karen Corbin. Dr. Corbin will discuss optimizing gut health through diet, especially in the context of diabetes. Tune in for valuable insights that bridge the gap between research and real-world applications in the realm of nutrition and health.

Clinical Translational Scientist at the AdventHealth Translational Research Institute focused on advancing gut microbiome and human metabolism research. Founder and Chief Geek at Geeks That Speak with a mission to elevate the voices of scientists through scientific storytelling.

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