Elevating the Role of Nutrition Services in Healthcare

Christina Badaracco

“I think learning about, at least to a basic level, the latest nutrition science and evidence itself, looking for ways to bring in the nutrition experts to provide that most effective care, and then really understanding the most effective means of delivering the education and empowering patients to really prioritize nutrition.”

In today’s episode, we welcome Christina Badaracco, a registered dietitian and a dedicated researcher and advocate aiming to transform healthcare through nutrition. She discusses her mission to elevate the role of nutrition services in healthcare through her healthcare consulting work and to promote better health through our food system more broadly. We’ll discuss the importance of agriculture in promoting healthy diets, the need to better prevent and treat diet-related conditions through food is medicine and other nutrition interventions, and tactics for changing our healthcare system to better promote health for all Americans.


Christina Badaracco is a healthcare consultant at Avalere Health, focusing on evidence generation, quality measurement, and elevating the role of nutrition in healthcare. She also regularly writes, teaches, and presents about nutrition, culinary medicine, and sustainable agriculture.

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