Exploring Intersections of Diabetes, Race, and COVID-19

Yvonne D. Greer

"Culture is is kind of like the foundation by which everyone grows up with and they grow up on the culture of foods that they are used to, and some are healthy, some are less healthy. And so my philosophy is that everyone can eat right." - Yvonne D. Greer, MPH, RD, CD

On this episode, Registered Dietitian Yvonne D. Greer talks about the importance of cultural relevance in nutrition, the impact of COVID-19 and racism on health disparities within communities of color, and the impact of social capital on food insecurity. Yvonne is the owner of Y-Eat Right, a nutritional consulting company for healthy living. Through her work, Yvonne has been a keynote speaker at various notable events, conducts special nutrition workshops, and hosts cooking demos – all to promote healthy, nutritional eating and living behaviors. Inspired by her “mission moment”, Yvonne’s ultimate goal is to reach as many people as possible to assist them in being healthy and living a long and productive life.

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