Exploring the Health Equity Disparity Amongst the Homeless Population

dr persaud black shirt smiling health equity disparity among homeless

“The great thing is that everyone knows we can’t go out there and do one thing, we also can’t boil the ocean, but we’ve got to do more than one thing to handle three or four critical needs in an individual and communities lives to get their health to be improved.” “So raising the social environment by investing in it is also a way to improve health because if you do that, you improve health.”

Today we delve into the concept of health equity disparities and explore how social determinants of health, such as housing instability and limited resources, intersect with the health challenges faced by homeless communities. Discover the innovative strategies Dr. Persaud’s work employs to combat these barriers head-on.


Join us in this enlightening episode as we welcome Dr. Donna Persaud, a dedicated healthcare professional making a profound impact in the Dallas County community. Dr. Persaud shares insights into their role and the passion that drives their commitment to diverse and under-resourced populations.

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