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Lisa Andrews

"...It's nice to see dieticians working with food brands, because we're really the people that are recommending things or kind of sifting through the science. And I think that's important not to just have a pretty face and a skinny body saying, 'Oh, you drink this and you'll look like me.'" - Lisa Andrews, MeD, RD, LD

Trends in terms of food are good or bad? With a life full of nutrition studies, Lisa Andrews teaches us how we can have awareness of what we purchase to eat, and the differences of choosing a healthy product for dietetics. She also emphasizes why you should enjoy your food more and not be so neurotic about it. Lisa is a seasoned dietitian who shares her nutrition knowledge through teaching, counseling, freelance writing and cooking demos. In addition, she designed a line of food pun swag where part of proceeds goes towards reducing food insecurity in Cincinnati. She is the author of the Healing Gout cookbook and will write her second cookbook in 2021 on thyroid disease.

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