Mindful & Intuitive Eating

Diana Figueroa

"So focusing on what the body needs and wants, rather than focusing on some diet to tell us what we need to eat."

In today’s episode, we welcome Diana Figueroa, a dedicated registered dietitian with expertise in mindful and intuitive eating at Doherty Nutrition. With a strong background in clinical nutrition and a holistic approach to health, Diana shares her insights into fostering healthier relationships with food. Join us as we explore the principles of mindful eating, the impact of cultural diversity, and how to transition from dieting to a more sustainable and fulfilling approach to nutrition. Diana’s guidance will inspire you to make healthier, more mindful food choices for a balanced and fulfilling life.

Diana Figueroa is not just an experienced dietitian; she’s a true authority in the field. Her extensive background covers a wide spectrum of vital topics, from women’s health and hormonal balance to diabetes management and the art of mindful/intuitive eating.

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