Navigating Nutrition as a Dietitian Living with Type One Diabetes
Thumbnail - Lauren Plunkett

"We're going to learn how to eat and not how to diet. That's the trick with diabetes.”

In this episode, we speak with Lauren Plunkett about her experience of living with type one diabetes and how she has learned to manage this condition as a dietitian. Lauren shares how her personal journey has influenced her professional work and how she leverages her unique perspective to assist others in managing their conditions. She also sheds light on how her condition impacts her role as a dietitian.

Lauren Plunkett RDN LD CDCES, specializes in nutrition and exercise for type 1 diabetes and plant-based nutrition for chronic disease and preventive health. She is a global health educator, public speaker, fitness instructor, and author of the award-winning book, Type One Determination. Lauren has lived with type 1 diabetes for nearly three decades as a fierce advocate for healthy lifestyle practices.

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