The Advocacy and Stigma of Type 1 Diabetes

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“As a medical doctor,I don't know everything about diabetes, but I was also struggling because what I was reading in the books, when I was implementing it in my real life, it wasn't working because there was a missing part. There was a missing part of my lived experience. I had to understand my own body.” - Dr. Apoorva Gomber

Dr. Apoorva Gomber joins Shireen on this episode to discuss advocacy work addressing the stigma of having Type 1 Diabetes and how listeners can advocate for themselves and others. She also comments upon what is being done to increase access to care in the United States and across the globe. 

Dr. Apoorva Gomber is a trained physician from India and her interest in global health focuses primarily on childhood diabetes. Specifically, she is focused on improving access to care in low and middle income countries. Having worked on various advocacy initiatives to improve access to insulin and understanding of childhood diabetes, she is interested in understanding the health disparities in diabetes care globally, and looking for solutions to complex problems, by working across sectors, building partnerships, and using data to show impact. She has been on the Global advocacy network for T1 International and Leadership council for Beyond Type 1. In her personal life, she enjoys travelling, exploring new places and training for running marathons. She will participate in the Chicago 2021 Marathon to fundraise for Joslin Diabetes Centre, MA. Dr. Apoorva Gomber is currently getting a Masters in Public Health at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

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