What Is An Autoimmune Diet?

dr jeff crippen smiling white shirt autoimmune diet

"What’s the role of nutrition? Well, it makes our cells stronger, tougher, more resilient so they can better withstand the stress and the strain of life. ” “The more we can kind of clean up our diet as, like, a level-one solution, then what we’ll find is we’ll have more good days, which will make the bad days stand out more and make them easier to find.”


Dr. Crippen shares his personal journey towards alternative medicine and a holistic approach in managing autoimmune diseases. Dr. Crippen explains general foods that commonly fit within an autoimmune diet and the benefits these foods have as well as common foods to reduce including those that can trigger inflammation. Also, stay until the end for an announcement 

Dr. Jeff Crippen is a Chiropractor, nutritionist and coach who enjoys helping others unlock their true potential. Dr. Jeff has helped clients both through chiropractic care and nutrition at his wellness clinic in Saint Jo, Texas as well as through individualized mindset coaching with the Advanced Coaching and Leadership Center.

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